• Nutrend® 100% Whey protein 2250g

Nutrend 100% Whey protein comes from ecological stock farming with cows that graze freely in the meadows, meeting the GRASS FED certification. Excellent digestibility is ensured by a branded mixture of digestive enzymes and delicious flavours will delight your senses. This premium product with a high biological value is perfect for renewal of muscle tissue and muscle growth.


  • Contains 73% of protein
  • Premium mixture of 5 digestive enzymes
  • No artificial colors
  • Gluten-free

Pack size: 2250g
Servings per pack: 75
Serving size: 2 scoops (20g)

Nutrition Information        per 100g        Per serving (30g)

Energy 1572 kJ / 372 kcal      472 kJ / 111 kcal

Fat       5g  1.5 g         

of which saturated     3.2g  1 g         

Carbohydrates  7.9g  2.4 g   

of which sugars         5.7g  1.7 g      

fiber    1.5g  0.45 g    

Protein 73g  21.9 g   

Salt      1.8g  0.5 g      

Digestive enzymes 40mg      12 mg

Typical amino acid spectrum:

L-alanine         3627mg  1088 mg     

L-arginine       1680mg 504 mg        

L-aspartic acid 7817mg         2345 mg        

L-cysteine       1693mg 508 mg        

L-glutamic acid  12907mg     3872 mg        

Glycine 1318mg         395 mg          

L-histidine 1357mg    407 mg          

L-isoleucine **           4459mg 1338 mg     

L-leucine ** 7602mg 2281 mg

L-lysine *        6715mg 2015 mg

L-methionine *  1585mg       475 mg          

L-phenylalanine* 2284mg    685 mg

L-proline 4232mg 1270 mg 

L-serine 3466mg        1040 mg        

L-threonine* 4930mg 1479 mg       

L-tyrosine 2069mg     621 mg          

L-tryptophan*            1264mg 379 mg        

L-valine 4231mg         1269 mg


* EAA - essential amino acids, ** BCAA - branched essential amino acids

Reference intake of average adult (8400 kj/ 2000 kcal)

Other Ingredients

78% whey protein concentrate (contains sunflower lecithin and anti-caking agents (calcium phosphate)), 16% whey protein isolate (contains sunflower lecithin), flavouring, gluten-free wheat fibre, stabilizers (acacia and xanthan gum), beetroot concentrate, anti-caking agents (silica, sodium chloride), a mixture of digestive enzymes DigeZyme® (amylase, protease, lactase, lipase and cellulase), sweeteners (sucralose and steviol glycosides).

Allergen Information: This product may contain traces of soya.

Suggested use

Mix 1 serving (2 scoops - 30 g) in 250 ml of water and depending on your daily proteins needs, consume 1 to 3 portions per day, between meals. Maximum 3 portions per day.


Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for children, for pregnant women, for nursing women. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Nutrend® 100% Whey protein 2250g

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